How to be included?

Who can apply? 

  • Requests made by third parties will be evaluated and shared with representatives of the company featured.
  • Contact us for more information (free)
  • Must be in good standing with no major unresolved complaints.
  • Must fulfill the definition of luxurious 
  • Interview included
  • Once we recognize you as a member of the luxury travel and tourism industry, we will consider you for upcoming projects.


  • We only allow one listing to be added a day, therefore there may be a waiting list.
  • Once approved you will be added to our portal
  • If qualified you may be included on our top 20 list of exclusive luxury travel secrets.
  • A press release will be issued for every new inclusion on the top 20 list and published in 30+ publications including eTurboNews 
  • The charge of $1,000.00 will only apply to qualified and approved listings 

1 week of fame

  • In cooperation with the eTurboNews Group of publication your  theme  will be the background of the eTurboNews news- portal. (takeover)
  •  Your banners of different sizes will run constantly on banner sports on ALL of the 15 news portals operated by eTN.
  • Your banner will  be the  banner on the daily and hourly email newsletter reaching trade, consumers and media worldwide
  • eTN will produce one impact article to be shared with hundreds of partner publications, all eTN readers (trade, consumers, journalists) and an exclusive list of luxury travel consumers.
  • The article will be pitched to at least 100 news publications around the world. A report will be sent  to you.
  • The cost for your 1 week of fame is $5,000.00
  • Additional days possible depending availability
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