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Aesthetically outstanding but more importantly, the service customers receive in luxury establishments is essentially flawless.
unique, outstanding, stunning, award winning, complaint free.

Who? Beach resorts, countryside fincas and haciendas, arctic camps, jungle lodges, private islands, boutique hotels, urban retreats, vintage steam trains, cruise lines, private jet operators, safari camps, supercar rental companies, FIT destination specialists, helicopter charter companies, private yacht charter agencies, palace hotels and much more are part of our portfolio.

Safety & Security: An important factor

We teamed up with to offer an independent security and safety evaluation, training and consulting under the leadership of Dr. Peter Tarlow, a renowned travel and tourism security expert.

You will have access to the Rapid Response Team if needed.  

What to expect ?

You will be added to our exclusive network of approved luxury travel secrets:

Expect independent global media coverage, visibility. You will get attention by potential clients,  luxury travel trade professionals, insiders, event organizers.

Your venue may be listed on an insider network of exclusive travel secrets.


We are organizing highly effective and neutral networking platforms from which all partners benefit.

  • The African Luxury Show
  • Luxurious Travel Network events in major cities around the world